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What is LGBTCollege?

Mission: To socially advance the LGBT population ideals of inclusion through education, celebration, and expression of all races and all cultures within the LGBT community.

The purpose of LGBTCollege:

LGBTCollege provides education through articles, researched or from personal experience (informal and formal) that enhance discussion and start conversations related to the racial and cultural structure of the LGBT population. This helps in understanding our differences and similarities of not just being LGBT but putting into consideration our racial and cultural backgrounds in the Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Latino, Middle Eastern, African American, Caucasian, etc. communities.

The P3Project similar to the It Gets Better Campaign helps people visually see what others have gone through in their journey by telling their story but in a more complex way from personal, public, and professional experiences.

The Learning Curve Lectures based on continuing education credit for organizations and/or businesses to learn more about the LGBT community. The series serves as an education forum and competency training where numerous topics from LGBT race and culture to social interests are taught in various settings with a goal of raising consciousness and promoting social justice to all issues and topics LGBT related.

The other resources we provide include connections to many LGBT and LGBT friendly organizations locally, statewide, and nationally including reservations spanning all demographics of races and cultures in one location. These resources can include but not limited to counseling services, substance abuse programs, work opportunities, housing, support groups, etc.

LGBTCollege Staff Bios

Gregory Mason

Executive Director
Gregory Mason

The Founder of LGBTCollege, Gregory Mason, is committed to bringing the LGBT community closer together through multicultural and multiracial exposure. He received his education at Grand Valley State University and has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and is a Limited License Masters Social Worker (LLMSW) in the state of Michigan with experience in Foster Care Case Management. He has worked with the Federally Funded TRIO Programs ESP and ETS, which help low income and first generation students interested in higher education. He was an undergraduate college student in the Educational Support Program (ESP) and a graduate school intern advisor at the Grand Rapids Public Schools for Educational Talent Search (ETS). He has dedicated hundreds of hours of volunteer work as a brother of the National Co-Ed Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO) and was a board member for the Grand Rapids Chapter of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN).


LGBT For RACE Screening: A Public And Private Milestone For LGBTCollege

This past March 21st, LGBTCollege hosted our public screening of the feature length film LGBT For RACE, produced by our founder and Executive Director Gregory Mason to a well represented audience. The film was yet another important step in LGBTCollege's on-going commitment to engage the community on LGBT issues. We here at LGBTCollege are proud of Gregory's accomplishments, in producing this film and the event, and we look forward to even more exciting things to come in 2016!

Gregory Mason & Liz Hollings

Liz Hollings, Gregory Mason and Stoyan Francis

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