Kevin Hart Example of Black Male Internal Issues of Homosexuality & White LGBT Disregard of BLACK LGBT Experiences

Gregory Mason

Cultural • Jan 5th, 19

All too often black gay men grow up hearing their fathers and male role models reiterate their disgust of homosexuality and if they ever found any type of homosexual nature in their sons they would do something to stop it immediately. Kevin Hart may have grown more educated about homosexuality but it doesn’t take away the fact that many black men still have these ideals and are raising sons who may be homosexual.


What the conversation should have been about was the abuse that black gay men have to deal with in the black community being raised by black men who don’t understand them and not about Kevin Hart apologizing for something he has apologized before in the past. The black community needs to come to terms with the fact that LGBT black persons exist and we need to do better in accepting and supporting one another instead of being insensitive.


Taking it a step further we have Ellen Degeneres taking the time to speak as a LGBT person to let Kevin Hart know he is forgiven while disregarding the issue of how his comments are similar feelings of black parents who are raising LGBT children. This is another situation where a White LGBT person has the opportunity to talk about the issues of being a double minority and the intersections of race and sexuality, yet it is not even mentioned. There needs to be more acknowledgement of the bigger picture when issues like this occur but these situations continue to happen to people everyday.

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