Rupauls Drag Race: Racial Problems

Gregory Mason

General • Nov 14th, 18

For a few years there has been discussion on the racial problems that have grown from the mainstream success of Rupauls Drag Race. One of the best conversations about this topic has been from Kevin O’ Keeffe and Mathew Rodriguez from Youtube channel “Intomore” episode 3 of KiKi. The factors used to approached this problem were extremely valid and hit on different aspects of the experience from the edit of the show, the fandom, and even social media. Youtuber Kat Blaque, Drag Race winner Tyra Sanchez, and most recently Drag Race contestant the Vixen have talked about how queens of color have been portrayed on the show over the years as just one dimensional characters.


Season 10 of Rupauls Drag Race saw more than half of the cast as queens of color, however the top 3 were white queens. While the first couple of seasons were about the queens and how versatile they were in challenges as well as looks, it seems as Drag Race grew in popularity it became more about who is most profitable for the business that is Drag Race. Drag Con and other financial opportunities like Drag Tours around the Nation have made Drag Race big business and as many of the critics point out it seems that the white queens tend to always have a way bigger social media following after a season even if some of the queens of color showed more talent and overall abilities. Looking at the twist from production that have came into play the last couple of seasons of the show have been problematic. It makes no sense to make it seem like the finale Queens are all on a even playing field when some had had more challenge wins or better looks than others throughout the show. It also doesn't help to have Queens that were eliminated, come back to vote when they haven't seen what has transpired while they have been absent. These have come out to look like tricks used to favor the Queens that the Drag Race Executives want to be the face of the franchise.


It is that time of year again when another queen will be given the Crown for Rupauls Drag Race All Stars 4 and while many have their picks for who will probably take the crown here’s to hoping that everyone will be given as much opportunity no matter how many followers and potential money they can bring to the franchise.


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