Heteroflexible Under Certain Circumstances

Gregory Mason

Social • Jul 29th, 14

Heteroflexible is a sexual term that recently came to my knowledge, which is a person who identifies as primarily heterosexual, but at times may find the same sex sexually appealing. This term addresses just how fluid sexuality really is and our nature of wanting to explore each other as sexual beings. Sexuality is not at all black and white, and there is plenty of grey throughout the two ends of the spectrum. Even though some people may not be as sexually open minded or are perfectly comfortable with sticking to their strict heterosexuality or homosexuality, there needs to be societal acceptance for others to be able to freely express their sexuality and not be condemned or shunned.

In the past decade sexual orientation and sexuality have played a huge part in the progress for equality with the LGBT community movement making greater ground in marriage equality and people speaking out regarding freedom of expression. This is a great time to be involved and a part of the sexual revolution for people to be free to explore and express their sexuality, because it takes a brave and courageous individual to be able to do what they want no matter what the majority of society feels and thinks.

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