World of Polyamory is a World of Many Lovers within Sexual Orientation & Gender

Gregory Mason

Social • Mar 15th, 15

Just looking on the surface of Polyamory, one would assume that if Polyamory were about many loves it would in some sort represent men and women being together as one unit fully open and sexually expressive to one another, past all the gender and sexual norms of society. Meaning that men and women would live & be together in harmony fully embracing each others body, mind, and soul no matter male or female, none conforming to sexual orientation or gender identity. However, Polyamory is not a free-for-all where sexual orientation or gender goes out the window and pansexuality is the way of life. Even though Polyamory is about multiple loves and having more than one partner in a relationship, it still recognizes sexual orientation and gender.

On the other hand, how can a group of men and women who are in love and have a connection to each other not have an equal connection between males, females, etc. alike? For sexuality and sexual connections to be so intimate for human beings, it is hard to understand how two women and two men in a polyamory relationship are not sexually connecting together, fully opening themselves to male or female in love and connection of each other. To have someone sexually is an intimate, emotional, and affectionate part of a relationship and if women can be intimate in that way with each other, then men should be equally as open with each other in a similar situation. However, it seems that the men from polyamory relationships rarely if ever are intimate in the ways women are in the same relationships.

As discussed many time over, it seems in our society male sexuality is one area of life where men are not as openly accepted to be sexually explorative with one another without being considered homosexual. Even though couples in polyamory relationships are open to each other as lovers, there still are boundaries between male partners.

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